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Published On July 31, 2020 | By admin | Health

Your teeth may have never posed a problem, so you never really thought about getting braces. However, this list can help you determine if you should search for braces near me in the Maryland area. 


Are your teeth really close together to the point where they overlap? Overcrowding is actually a need for braces. In fact, if your teeth overlap, the teeth that are forced behind the others may develop decay easily, and the backs of the teeth that overlap these teeth may also develop decay easily. 

Crooked Teeth 

Crooked teeth don’t usually pose a problem in terms of how your teeth function or how well you can take care of them. However, this is an aesthetic issue that you should search for braces near me to correct. This is an aesthetic issue that a set of braces can fix. 

Gaps Between Teeth 

A set of teeth usually consist of one tooth beside another and then another and so on without any gaps in between your teeth. Even small gaps are aesthetic issues. Not to mention, these gaps can cause food to remain in between your teeth, which will eventually lead to decay. Braces can bring your teeth closer together, so you don’t have these gaps that can affect your oral health and confidence. 

Biting Your Cheeks 

Generally, a set of teeth that don’t have any issues with spacing or position won’t come in contact with your cheeks. However, if you notice you wake up with bite marks in your cheeks, you may have issues with the positioning of your teeth. A simple search for braces near me can help with this problem. 

Crossbite, Overbite, or Underbite

Issues with spacing and crooked teeth aren’t the only issues that braces can correct. If you have an underbite, overbite, or crossbite, it can have how you speak, eat, and your appearance. 

Speech Issues

If you slur certain sounds or have trouble pronouncing certain sounds correctly, the problem may stem from an issue with the position of your teeth. If you visit an orthodontist, you and he or she can discuss your speech problems and see if they have a connection with your teeth. 

Jaw Pain 

Not all tooth issues that require braces for correction present themselves visibly. Sometimes, you won’t know you need braces unless you experience jaw pain. Sometimes, jaw pain is a sign of a bite problem that braces can fix. 

Bad Breath

Although bad breath is often attributed to gum disease, it’s not always directly related to an oral hygiene problem. Sometimes, your bad breath starts as a result of the position of your teeth, which braces can correct. 

While visibly you may notice you have tooth issues like spacing, how you speak as well as your jaw pain can also indicate you need to search for braces near you in Maryland. 

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