Ditch that baby weight: getting back into shape after pregnancy

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For many new moms, the sheer joy of bringing a child into the world can sometimes be overtaken by the baby weight they put on. This weight can often seem hard to shift and can be a little tough to deal with for many. This is especially true if you were in good shape before your pregnancy and are not used to carrying extra pounds. The good news is that ditching that baby weight and getting back into shape is not hard. 

Exercise is by far the best route to achieve this, and if you exercise regularly, then it should soon start to pay off. While it might seem hard to fit in with a newborn around, it is worth getting your partner or a family member to look after them a few times per week to give you the chance to do some exercise. This will help you to shed your baby weight and feel better about yourself.

Make sure to use the right gear

One tip to take on board before you begin any post-pregnancy exercise is to wear the right clothes and get the right kit. Many new moms will use a specialist back brace for women to give them the right level of support when working out and make it more comfortable. The best examples are made from innovative materials such as Copper Znergy and conform to your individual body shape as you exercise. They can even be worn under normal clothes in daily life to give any lower back or lumbar support needed. 

Alongside this, make sure that the footwear you have on (if applicable) is comfortable, fits well, and is suitable for the activity you are doing. A reusable water bottle is also a good idea so that you can take it with you and stay hydrated when working out. In terms of clothing, loose-fitting t-shirts and stretchy leggings are normally best for physical activity. 

What are the best exercises for shedding that baby weight


One of the best exercises is definitely walking. This is because it is low impact and not too strenuous, which is ideal for new moms. Walking can also be done soon after giving birth due to this, which makes it great for getting your body back into being more active. Walking will start to burn calories and get your body moving again in a bid to lose weight. It can also help to tone your legs and calves when done regularly over time. Start slowly and then gradually increase the distance you walk bit by bit over a period of time to get the best results. 


Although swimming is a great way to get more toned and back into shape after giving birth, do not try it too soon. You should ideally check with your doctor first or wait a few weeks at least to be sure. When you can swim though, it is a great way to help ditch those pounds you put on when pregnant. The workout it gives your whole body is excellent, and it will get your lungs working hard too, which is good for your overall health. As it is a water-based exercise, swimming is also good for being low impact and not stressing your joints. 


Another great way to lose baby weight fast is to cycle. This not only works out your whole body and gets your heart pumping, but it will also burn off lots of calories. As with all post-pregnancy exercise, take it easy and only begin when your doctor feels that you are ready. Cycling is a good one to begin with as it is an enjoyable activity and one that you are therefore more likely to do regularly. For gentler rides, you can even take your baby along when they’re old enough on their own special bike seat!

Watch your diet

Although exercise is a great way to shed that baby weight, what you eat plays a big part as well. With this in mind, you should really make every effort to follow an eating plan that promotes optimum health. This should include lots of fruit and vegetables along with plenty of water each day. In addition, a little protein and carbs are needed for energy and muscle strength. 

Get back to your ideal pre-baby weight 

Some women dislike the weight they put on while pregnant and are keen to see it come off afterwards. If this applies to you, then the above gives some great ideas on how to go about it. If you combine sensible exercise with the right diet and plenty of sleep, you should soon start to see results.

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