Guide to Choosing the Right Custom Car Floor Mats

Published On April 24, 2019 | By admin | Automotive

Floor mats can do a lot to boost the sportiness, utility, and luxury of your vehicle’s interior. It’s one of the first things your passengers will see when they enter the vehicle, so you want to make sure that the custom car floor mats you select are right for your car.

The Feel of a Floor Mat

When it comes to having a luxurious feel, nothing is softer than carpeting. If impressing passengers is your goal, then you want floor mats that are made of carpet. For an even more luxurious feel, choose floor mats with an additional layer of padding underneath. The extra layers will add a cushioning feel, along with suppressing road noise from underneath the car, which creates a quiet vehicle interior. If carpeting isn’t your choice then you can choose rubber floor mats. Similar to carpeting, custom car floor mats made of rubber with high ridges can also offer a comfortable experience. Rubber ridges will allow for more squish under tired feet. In order to choose, think about the details of the interior of the vehicle. If it has a black soft touch dashboard top, then black floor mats can provide a great match.

Tolerance to Spills, Dirt, and Snow

Choosing floor mats that have a high tolerance to liquid, snow, and dirt is important. Whatever gets to the floor mat shouldn’t bleed through the mat or run off. The high tolerance will also allow the floor mat to be easily cleaned, even when dirt is caked into the mat for a while. If you are spending a lot of time on the road, then choosing a floor mat that can handle the regional climate will be important. Carpet floor mats will be more susceptible to dirt. Deposits that are ground into the material can cause visible discoloration. Special carpet cleaner exists but this will require a lot more time to clean. You can add water resistant coatings but they will only do so much to prevent dirt. Rubber and vinyl mats are much easier to clean. With this material, any liquid that is spilled will sit on top of the surface and not be absorbed, meaning they are much easier to clean with just a hose.

Heavy-Duty Use

Floor mats that are marked for utility are able to withstand heavy use without developing any imperfections or holes that could compromise the function. If you have a work truck where boots are constantly stomping on the floor mats, then you may want to consider these types.

Floor Coverage

The amount of floor that is covered by the mat is something to consider, especially for a higher use vehicle. A floor mat will cover most of the floor’s areas and the mats can be custom fit or a universal fit.

Color Choices

There are a number of color options for floor mats so you can choose different shades to match your vehicle’s interior.

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