Five Compelling Reasons to Use Solar Power 

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Current events have brought renewable energy to the forefront of people’s minds. Solar power is one of the most talked-about sustainable energy options available, and it’s easy to see why. Solar energy has a wide range of applications, including solar heat, solar lighting, and solar electricity. For those who want to join in on the renewable energy trend, here are five reasons to start using solar power now.

Solar Power Is Sustainable

Traditional sources of electricity rely on the burning of fossil fuels. Not only does that practice release a large amount of carbon into the air, but fossil fuels are a finite resource. The sun is a limitless source of energy. Installing solar panels allows homes to generate clean, renewable electricity that reduces a person’s carbon footprint.

Go Off the Grid

To go off the grid means no longer relying on the main power grid for electricity. Installing solar panels on one’s property allows the generating of clean energy without having to work with local power companies. While the sun does not always shine, most solar installation companies offer power storage options to pair with the solar panel installation. With a solar battery, power is accessible regardless of the time of day or current weather.

Less Wasted Energy

When a coal plant burns coal for its energy, at best they can harness 33-40% of that energy for power. The rest of the energy is wasted heat. While solar energy may only be able to convert around 20%, there is no waste from the other 80%. Additionally, fossil fuels have to be paid for, so losing up to 67% of energy costs money. The sun is free, which means nothing is wasted.

Solar Creates Jobs

With dwindling fossil fuels and the public demanding renewable energy sources, solar industry jobs have skyrocketed. Both decentralized and at-home solar installation has provided people from all over the world with job opportunities. By installing solar panels on a property, a person contributes to the economic growth of their own country and others.

Free Source of Energy

Companies all over the world have found a way to monetize most of Earth’s precious resources. However, there is no way for that to happen with the sun. The sun remains a free source of energy available to anyone who wants to install solar panels and solar storage to power their property.

More About Solar Installation

When a person decides to go solar, it is critical to find a company that they can trust. Many solar installation companies charge heavily for their services. It is an excellent practice to ask friends and family for referrals. Additionally, research reviews of reputable installers and compare quotes. Some solar installers, such as the Inspire Energy Solar Power Installers, receive accreditation from the Clean Energy Council. Find installers with this accreditation to be sure of proper, low-cost installation.

Time to Go Solar

Solar energy is a highly accessible, renewable energy source with several benefits. Installing solar panels and batteries on a property is an investment that has a serious long-term payoff. So, don’t hesitate, now is the time to go solar.

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