Understanding the Popularity of Amethyst Rings – Why Everyone Wants these Rings

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If you’re a jewelry lover, you’ve probably seen Amethyst, the violet-colored gemstone, before. This semi-precious gemstone is part of the quartz family and has a long history in human civilizations. In fact, the Greeks first naturalized the use of this semi-precious gemstone. They named the stone “amethyst” after the Greek word “amethystos,” which means “non-intoxicated.” So, the Greeks were using this stunning semi-precious as protection against alcohol addiction thousands of years ago. Thousands of years later, this reddish-purple-colored stone is soaring in popularity again. Why? Let’s explore.

Understanding the Amethyst Stone

Amethyst stones are lovingly called ‘raspberries’ by jewelers because of their classy appearances. Plus, the Amethyst stone shines the best during daylight, and they sometimes look like juicy raspberries. The scientific name of Amethyst is SiO2 or Silicon dioxide. This gem has a Trigonal crystal structure and is made of hexagonal prisms, which gives it a sharp external look. This gem scores seven on the Mohs scale, which is relatively great. With a refractive index somewhere between 1.544–1.553, this pale red-violet-colored stone shines very brightly despite being semi-translucent. The main sources of the Amethyst stone include – Brazil, India, Siberia, Russia, Mexico, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Canada, Argentina, Zambia, and Madagascar, etc.

Why the Amethyst Stone is Popular?

High-quality Amethyst rings are very popular because of their appearances. Every jewelry lover would love to have this semi-translucent red-violet-colored stone on their fingers. But the aesthetic appeal isn’t the only reason behind Amethyst’s popularity. This gemstone has long been associated with spiritual and mental benefits for its wearers. Since the stone was used by the ancient Greeks to fight addiction, it still symbolizes spiritual growth and maturity. Wearers believe that Amethyst stones can help them rid their homes and bodies of negative energy. Plus, the stone has an intrinsically calm look and appeal. Frequent users of the stone tend to be people who attract positive energy and are on the path to emotional and spiritual growth. People also feel more patient and less prone to mood swings, fear, and anxiety after wearing these stones.

Using an Amethyst Stone

If you’re a new buyer of this classy semi-precious gemstone, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a lot you can do with Amethyst stones. You can improve your eyesight by staring into your Amethyst stones every night. Wear this to sleep and whenever you’re overcoming thoughts about addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. These stones are quite cheap, so it’s easy to build an inexpensive yet high-quality jewelry collection full of Amethyst gemstones.

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