The Essentials of Portable Launch Monitors

Published On April 24, 2019 | By admin | Technology

Golf is a challenging game and everyone is looking for ways to improve their game and gain a competitive advantage. In the era of big data, even golf is affected. A portable launch monitor is an exceptional way for golfers to gain new insight into their game. With a launch monitor, golfers have access to an unprecedented amount of data that they can use to adjust their club selection, their swing speed, their launch angle, and more. Of course, with so much data, golfers also need to understand how to apply this information to their game. There are a few basics of portable launch monitors that everyone needs to understand.

The Information that is Provided by a Launch Monitor

Before making an investment in a launch monitor, it is important for everyone to know what information this tool will provide. Some of the examples include:

  • The speed of the ball
  • The launch angle of the golf ball
  • The direction of the launch of the golf ball
  • How quickly the ball is spinning
  • The axis upon which the ball is rotating
  • The maximum height of the ball
  • The hang time of the ball

Launch monitors can also provide helpful information regarding the club. This includes:

  • The speed at which the club was swung
  • The angle at which the club made contact with the ball
  • A chart of the path of the club
  • The angle of the face at impact
  • The loft angle of the club at impact

Using this information, golfers are able to make powerful insights into their game. How should golfers apply this information?

Applying the Information from Launch Monitors to the Golf Swing

Launch monitors are particularly helpful because they can help individuals invest in golf clubs that are suited to their game. With this information in hand, golfers are able to figure out what type of golf clubs are appropriately suited to their game. In addition, golfers are able to take this data to a professional and invest in lessons to improve the inconsistencies in their game. Some professionals might even have their own portable launch monitor to collect this data themselves. Portable launch monitors are able to take everyone’s game to new heights.

Finding the Right Launch Monitor

Of course, all of these benefits are dependent on the accuracy of the launch monitor itself. Make sure to think about how accurate the launch monitor is when it comes to collecting this data. Investing in the right launch monitor can help golfers make improvements in their game.

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