Sycor, Canada’s Leading Wire and Cable Products Distributor

Published On March 18, 2019 | By admin | Technology

Wire and Cable Products Distributed From Canada

Canada has become a worldwide destination for those needing to get their wiring and cabling needs met as Sycor Technology has become not only Canada’s leading wire and cable products distributor but also one of the leading ones worldwide. It has earned this respect by understanding what different types of organizations need and what’s necessary for a cable or wire to meet differing and challenging environments.

Cables and Wires for the Oil and Gas Industry

One of the ways that Sycor employees have displayed their know-how with different types of cables and wires is shown in the ones that are shipped to organizations in the oil and gas industry. These have been designed to handle extreme climates on both ends of the scale as well as conditions that include a tremendous amount of dangerous chemicals. Excessive moisture and constant vibration are other environmental aspects that Sycor’s wires and cables have been designed to withstand.

Shipping Options

Sycor offers several shipping options; many customers take advantage of its 12-month blanket purchase order. That way, annual requirements are assured of being met, and the cables and wires can also be stored by Sycor until they’re needed to be sent out.

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