How to take care of your trophies?

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Trophies have always been a sign of glory. Awards are earned hard, and many persons take their trophies quite easily. It is not about getting your prize from the nearest pokalshop. However, this may help you to keep up your reputation in front of your near and dear ones, but at the end of the day, it is the hard-earned trophies that one will be proud of. Winning hard-earned medals is a different part altogether, one has to keep these trophies clean and beautiful, to make it last for as long as possible. Here are specific tips that will be helpful for you to keep your awards as clean as possible.

  1. Trophies get a nasty yellow stain when kept in close contact with cigarette and tobacco smoke

These yellow build up can affect the entire life span of the cup if not appropriately kept. Try cleaning at regular intervals to make sure that the yellow smoke stain does not get permanently attached to the cup.

  1. Try to keep the trophy as far as from the heat

Heat can affect the metal body of the cup to lose its shape or at least harm the base of the cup. Your hard earned cup is not from the nearest pokalshop that you will let it get destroyed easily. These cups are earned in a tough manner, and are a sense of pride for you at each and every step of your life.

  1. Moisture can be a problem too

When kept near swampy, dark places, the fungi and the mold will start growing on the cup. Hence it is advised to the cup owners to keep their cup in free open space away from all the dark, swampy places in their home.

  1. Keep dusting

A lot of times the trophies get covered with sand unless and until there are dusted regularly. While this will not negatively affect the cup and cause any permanent deformity, dusting is a good practice altogether, and an essential caution while dusting. Do not use chemicals to dust the trophies. The compounds may affect the color of the cup, and the cup may lose its shine.

  1. Keep the awards away from the sunlight

The metal of the cup will react with the sunlight and may cause the trophy to lose its color. On top of that, if your trophy is made up of oxidizing agent, the cup may get some layers of rust over its surface. Such a scenario can be the ultimate nightmare for the cup holders.

  1. Preventing insects from getting into the trophies

A lot of time, insects will try to build their home inside the cup. Moreover, this is common phenomena for the winners with a lot of cups. If not taken care properly, your cup can be the home to hundreds of ants and moths in the nearby area.

There are several things that one should take care of while keeping their trophies safe. These are hard-earned trophies and not just from the nearby pokalshop. Sponsors should also take care of these things while buying awards from the nearby pokalshop. Unless taken care properly, the cups are bound to get destroyed.

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