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Pirelli tyres is an Italian brand with over 140 years of outstanding experience in producing premium car tyres for different types of vehicles. Pirelli tyre has always met the high expectations of people. The name, Pirelli was derived from the three words; quality, performance and safety.

Since past years, Pirelli tyres have been lucky to produce tyres even for the most popular motorsports racing events. More so, they are known as the perfect choices for supplying tyres for most luxury car manufacturers.


Over the years, Pirelli tyres has been an innovative car tyre industry. Pirelli tyre are produced for many vehicles type ranging from sedan to SUV, to racing cars, and so on.

Some Pirelli products are;

  • Cinturato P7
  • Cinturato P1
  • Cinturato P7 MO
  • Cinturato P7 AO
  • Scorpion STR
  • Scorpion Verde AO
  • Cinturato P1 Verde
  • P Zero MO
  • Scorpion Verde
  • Scorpion Verde A/S PLUS XL


Pirelli tyres has been known to have an extended life cycle. They are with high quality rubber to withstand both hot and cold weather conditions. They last longer than other car tyres from other producers. The reason is that the Pirelli tyres were produced to be eco friendly. They produce the optimum whilst increasing mileage to maximum. These tyres tend to reduce wheel noises and skidding. Pirelli tyres are capable of driving smoothly at various driving conditions without any complications.

You can always choose Pirelli tyres when deliberating to change your current tyres. If you have a sport car that runs on high speed, Pirelli tyres are there to endure the heat when braking on high speeds. These tyres catch grip easily without skidding off the road. Even the hot, dry and humid atmosphere in UAE can’t cause any damage on the tyre. Pirelli tyres have the best traction control even at top speed.

Pirelli tyres have been recorded to be the most recommendable for different driving levels. Sport racers would always get their best performance in these tyres. Pirelli tyres are produced in varieties. They will always offer you the most suitable tyre for your vehicle. These tyres can still grip your vehicle firmly tp the road even in wet or muddy roads situation.

These websites also offers additional enquiries and information. Purchase can be made online and the delivery will be made at your doorstep. You will also be offered a one year warranty for every of your tyre purchase when you buy tyres online UAE.

Also, we can also help you fix the tyre to your vehicle wheels and help you balance your car wheels. You can be rest assured that Pirelli tyres will give you the safest drive always.

Pirelli tyres Dubai price are quite cheaper for purchase at an affordable cost. The prices Pirelli tyres are being sold are quite similar to that of its similar products of other companies. Pirelli tyres are always be present for you in selecting the best wheels for your vehicle out of the numerous available car tyres.

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