Does Your Home Have to Smell Just Because You Have a Dog?

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It’s hard to completely the eradicate the aroma of your pet pooch, but most will agree that over 

time, it can be an unpleasant pong that quickly makes a home smell unclean, and finding ways of 

minimizing it, is something all pet owners should do.  


If you have a pet dog but don’t want to smell him or her every time you enter your home, here 

are a few tips to help you achieve that:


Find out the exact sources of the doggy aroma:


Most dogs will habitually spend time in certain places in your home, whether it’s on a couch, a 

soft rug or on their own bed; once you’ve located their primary hot spots, focus most of your 

energies on keeping them as clean as you can. 


Ensure that your dog gets a regular bath (but not too often, check with a veterinarian):


When bathing your dog, always use a professional pet shampoo that will help enhance your pets’ 

coat without damaging it. If you’re unsure, you can check with your local pet store or 

veterinarian who will give you their recommendation based upon the breed of your dog. After 

you’ve finished rinsing your pet down, try not to let them stay wet for too long or the smell will 

quickly permeate your home and leave it smelling worse than it did before. Dry them off and 

ensure that any areas where they habitually spend time, are clean, otherwise your efforts will 

have been wasted. 


Buy some pet wipes:


These are great for wiping dirty paws or quickly cleaning up spillages, but ensure that the ones 

you purchase are designed for pets, since others may irritate your dog’s skin or nose. It’s a good 

idea to leave a packet or two in places where you might be likely to need them the most, so that 

they’re on hand and you don’t have to search around for them.


Clean any furniture that your pet comes into regular contact with:


You can buy specially formulated detergents for cleaning furniture and upholstery, or you can 

make a simple, economic version yourself by combining white vinegar, liquid soap and hot 

water. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be surprised how much fresher your entire home will smell, 

and guests won’t leave with their clothes smelling of dog!


Try to designate certain areas of your home as ‘pet-free zones’:


While you don’t want to banish your dog from every room in your home, having some areas that 

are out of bounds for them will help to minimize how much cleaning you need to do, allowing 

you to focus your efforts on those areas your dog does inhabit. 


Have a professional cleaner visit regularly:


If you want more time to spend having fun with your pet, simply have a professional cleaner 

come in a couple of times a week (or however frequently you want), and they can get your home 

spick, span and smelling inviting while you take Fido for a nice long walk; it’s a win-win for 



Eliminate all doggy aromas from your home with these simple tips, or use a professional 

cleaning company to get it done quickly and efficiently. 


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