Does the Size of My Penis Impact the Way I Provide Pleasure in My Relationship? 

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Contrary to the reassuring phrase “size matters not,” penis size has an impact in the bedroom, but only for some women, and for certain types of orgasms. Although male anxiety about penis size doesn’t reflect internalized and is a culturally arbitrary masculine stereotype, it’s an appreciation that size does matter to many women. 

Penis size and sexual satisfaction
Studies conducted on the relationship between penis size and sexual satisfaction give varying results. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on September 24, 2019, states that women who experience frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely to than other women to claim they climax quickly with men with larger penises. The same case applies to women who prefer penile-vaginal intercourse over other types of sex. 

Men are more concerned about the size of their penis, and in extreme cases lead to anxiety disorders, scientific studies show that the size of your manhood least impacts the way you provide pleasure in your relationship. Other studies reveal that an erected penis has a length of 13.2 cm and 11.66cm circumference. Additionally, flaccid penis and circumference were reported to 9.16 cm and 9.31 cm respectively. 

Penis size and pleasure prevailing assumption
There is an assumption that a larger manhood drives more pleasure, especially amongst men, that bigger is better, the case is untrue. On the contrary, most women are more concerned about personal qualities in men as opposed to satisfaction in bed. Also, although some women may prefer men with enormous manhood, diminishing returns becomes the case as the size increases. This clearly shows that most women like average size penises, with the majority being unbothered by the length. Therefore, performing a penis enlargement surgery only boosts your ego and self-esteem, not sexual satisfaction.

Penis size and orgasm
Interestingly, taller men have more pronounced larger penises compared to their short and medium height colleagues. Regarding sexual pleasure, there is no scientific evidence showing that a longer manhood is advantageous. Factors such as erectile function and length of intercourse play a much more significant role toward sexual satisfaction. Studies of vaginal orgasm additionally do not give any significant correlation between the size of penis and sexual gratification. Surveys conducted on penis and orgasm reveal that women who opt for deeper vaginal stimulation surprisingly prefer longer penises. 

It is important to note that vaginal orgasm in women is quite rare, though the majority of women orgasm clitorally. Nonetheless, clitoral orgasm frequency is unrelated to penis size. The clitoris has an extensive network of nerves that facilitate vaginal orgasm. Having read the findings of the above studies, we can thus conclude that penis size plays little role in arousing pleasure beyond psychological factors such as anticipation and expectation.
In summary, below 0.3 percent of men have penises whose size falls below the normal range of 10 cm and 9.5cm. Hence there is no need for an expensive penis enlargement surgery. There is, therefore, no concrete reason for not doing a satisfactory job in bed.

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