Best Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

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Pizza is America’s number one family favorite. Lazy nights where you’re just too busy to cook or party nights when you have to feed a large number of people and want to ensure everyone likes what they’re eating, no matter the occasion pepperoni pizza is a guaranteed winner. But what makes a good pizza? The sauce? The dough? If you want the best pepperoni pizza all the ingredients matter as well as the preparation itself! Let’s dive into the best kept secrets in the world of pizza making and see what truly makes a delicious, mouth-watering pizza that no one can resist.

Sauce and Tomatoes Are Key.

The middle layer of a delicious pizza that acts as the glue to hold all your toppings and cheese together with the dough is a key part that can make or break the flavor of your pizza. An important benefactor in scrumptious pizza sauce is the key ingredient. Tomatoes. Good, healthy, fresh tomatoes are the base of the pizza sauce. If you don’t have a good foundation then everything else added on top just becomes as mediocre as the initial base. Good tomatoes enrich any added spices and help create a smooth, creamy sauce that is easily spread throughout the pizza.

Dough Like a Pro.

Making dough from scratch if you know what you’re doing will lead to deliciously plump pizza crust but that’s not to say store bought is a sign of a lazy pizza maker. Room temperature dough is the best dough to have because it becomes malleable and easier to work with. One rule of thumb when working with any type of dough is to flour anything and everything the dough will be touching or else you’ll be peeling off pizza dough from your hands, your table, your kids, anything it touches. Plus nobody wants holey pizza dough. Flour is key!

Toppings All Around.

Making the best pepperoni pizza requires pepperonis of course and this is another example of when the freshest ingredients come into play you get the best results. Crispy, tangy pepperoni works the best when it’s cooked with the pie itself rather than topping after. However, if there are other ingredients being added such as anchovies or anything that doesn’t require cooking with the pizza itself it can be added last. Thick, leafy greens like spinach should be cooked with the initial layer of cheese before it’s put in the oven for the best flavor.

Cheese, Cheese, and More Cheese.

What’s pizza without cheese? Flattened pasta with nothing to keep your toppings from sliding all over the place. The secret for an appetizing pizza is not one but two layers of cheese. The initial layer is sprinkled evenly atop the sauce right before toppings that need the flavor cooked into the pizza, and the second is done right after the pie is hot out of the oven. This allows the second layer of cheese to melt right in with the first and remain warm enough for after-oven toppings to be secured down. Grating two different kinds of cheese can add a different kick or you can stick to using the same for both layers. Newly grated cheese is best and the experts know tossing a bit of olive oil helps pull everything together for guaranteed freshness.

Not All Ovens Are Equal.

Having a good oven with even heating, controlled temperature, and just enough of a kick to make the edges crispy can make or break what could be the most eh pepperoni pizza and the best pepperoni pizza. Using a pizza stone is what makes the crust of the pizza more than the tail end of a delicious slice. It curates a delectable, flaky crust with just the right amount of crunch while securing the flavors melted into the dough during the cooking time. The right heat dictates whether your cheese will melt just right or turn into a sloppy mess. Having the best pizza in the world would easily ruined by a not-so-stellar oven would bring down any night or party. That’s why even in restaurants a good, sturdy oven is a must have to serve pizza worth the money.

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