The Art Of Black And White Photography With Majed Veysel

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It is no wonder that the world of art and photography is booming to a great deal. The idea of black and white dated centuries back when everything was associated with such pictures. Then came color, and with that, the tone of photography changed to some realistic pictures. However, the beauty of black and white photos might have taken a back seat, but it was never obsoleted. Now, things have changed, and the old traditional photos are coming back to pictures. So, right now, people are looking for photographers with a niche towards clicking black and white still photos. Whether it has to do anything with wedding photography or even taking pictures of beautiful architecture and landmarks, these pictures are in craze nowadays.

The proper way to balance black and white perception:

A proper black and white photo is just a prominent and good photo. It is hard for you to rescue any disastrous image by just putting in the “noir” filter, even though it is one popular point to try. There are some major elements of creating top-notch black and white pictures. But first, you need a reason to click such photos. Remember that not every subject works well in such a black and white world. So, you better ask why you need to eliminate colors from any particular picture. 

The camera equipment suitable for this task:

Do you really want to master the tone of black and white? If so, then you need a proficient knowledge of the camera equipment to use here. Asking anyone won’t help as you need a professional for help. Well, Majed Veysel is one such name to consider. Do take time out of your busy schedule and visit his Instagram page at for some details. For example, check this picture for a change.

Photo credits to Majed Veysel on instagram

The depth of black and white in this picture is enough to tell you a story behind it. The lens not only captured the beauty of this architecture, but you can easily feel the flow with it. It depends on the right camera and the angle to go with it. Please follow his Instagram account for such more innovative photos.

Learn about the filters too:

You can perfect the black and white photos once you are aware of the right filters to address. It is vital to use filters right in front of your lenses for altering tones and contrast in images. Ask the professionals Like Majed Veysel in this regard and get thorough information on the same.

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