Simple translation or version? Understand the differences and choose the best translation services in dubai for your need

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Before hiring a translation company, you need to ask yourself what your real need is and keep in mind which type of translation is right for your business. This is because, it may not be purely a simple translation.

The Dubai market has several companies and specialized professionals, who carry out the most varied types of translation, which must be carried out in a thorough and careful manner.

A specialized company can guarantee all the support, especially with regard to the choice of the service to be provided. After all, the professional must know all the aspects that permeate this type of work and grant all the necessary consultancy to his client.

This is because it is not just about changing the language, a qualified professional should provide the role of a consultancy, determining and guiding the best path to be followed by his client, who can request the most diverse translation services, as described below:

Version: it is the conversion of a text written in the local language to the foreign language. In other words, it is the opposite of translation.

Technical Translation: encompasses the most diverse areas of specialization such as legal, pharmaceutical, engineering, among others.

Legal Translation: carried out whenever an official document needs to be translated, preserving its legal validity, by a professional who has been admitted and duly qualified to do so.

Many who seek a Translation Services in Dubai get confused when choosing between simple translation and version. Do you know the main differences between them? Know your concepts and clarify once and for all your doubts before hiring a service.

Simple Translation

Normally, simple or free translation requires that the translator has a broad knowledge, not only of the target and source languages, but also of the subject in question as well as its specific terminology.

It is a service normally used for personal, private and less important purposes. An example of this is the translation of a university article from English to Portuguese. Regardless of the simplicity of the file, it is always recommended to hire a specialist.

There are some elements that confuse simple translation with technical translation, after all both have very similar characteristics. How can we differentiate between them? It’s simple. The first is used in documents with more informal content, such as books, recipes, letters and CVs.

The second is based on the translation of documents such as academic, scientific, manuals and medical instructions. In this case, the responsible professional must have the knowledge and depth of the subject in question.

How much does a simple translation cost?

When preparing a budget for this work, the contractor must take into account some factors. The first one is the number of words present in the original document.

It is worth mentioning that the language and the requested urgency rate also influences the budget issue. Before proceeding to the characteristics of the version, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of opting for a sworn translation job, if necessary.

This is because, no document, book or paper of any nature that is drawn up in a foreign language, will take effect in offices of the Union of the States or Municipalities, or in any entity maintained, supervised and guided by the Public Power, without the professional translation.

To perform a professional translation, the contracted company must have a professional qualified in one or more languages ​​and who is registered at the commercial board of your state.


The version is the conversion of a text written in the local language to the foreign language. What does that mean? It’s simple! It is the opposite of translation. Using Arabic as an example, it is a text, article or material written in Portuguese and that must be converted to another language (English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc.).

Generally speaking, translation consists of passing a text written in a foreign language into Portuguese. The version, on the other hand, is the opposite process: transposing a text from the Portuguese language to a foreign language.

As with simple translation, there are some factors that influence the version budget, such as the number of pages, the final language and even the subject in question in the document.

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What to consider when hiring a translation company?

We know that there are highly qualified translators who deliver projects with high quality. However, before “closing a deal” it is recommended to research the company, check its tradition and view its portfolio.

Also, check if the professional has technical knowledge, align the deadline well, and especially if the proposed budget fits in your pocket. It values ​​excellence, trust and ethics.

You have to be aware of the deadline. Did you know that the deadline set by a specialized company says a lot about quality? So, if someone offers you a translation service in a few hours, or even a few minutes, rethink!

After all, a qualified professional, who strives for excellence, is aware that in order to translate a document efficiently, it is necessary to use some translation tools and go deeper into the topic under consideration, which may take days or even weeks, according to the extent of the work.

Now that you know the characteristics of the translation and version services, just choose the translation company in an assertive way . For sure, it will help you to overcome language barriers according to the needs of your project. Good luck!

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