Selecting German Shepherds Breeder Is Vital for Finding a Great family Protection Dog

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Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy

When choosing a family dog, there are certain things like loyalty, friendliness, and physique you have to put into considerations. With several breeders to choose from, German Shepherds (GSDs) stand out the most.  According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are over 78 million dogs in America and over 4.6 percent of these dogs belong to the German Shepherd family.  Here are five reasons why German Shepherds are the best family protection dogs.

      1.German Shepherds Are Intellectual

Research by shows that German Shepherds have an IQ of 60. This comes as a surprise to many since the required IQ to join most army services like in Spain is 70.  The largest canine family in the army globally is German Shepherds. These dogs outdo themselves during training, can learn many disciplines, and their senses are ever on high alert.  

      2.German Shepherds Are Trustworthy and Loving to Their Owners

These dogs possess a natural protective assertiveness towards their caregivers with minimum or no training. With enough training from a young age, German Shepherds take care of their owners, especially children. With their big size, they are often mistaken to be independent and aloof animals but in the real sense, they create quick bonds with their families.  However, you are advised to keep your kids from playing with German Shepherds while they are feeding.

      3.Their Strong and Healthy Nature Make Them the Best Family Protection Dogs

German Shepherds are naturally healthy and strong but they require daily exercise to maintain their physique. GSDs love daily walks as a part of their workout. German Shepherds are often affected by hip and elbow dysplasia. A good diet and quality exercise reduces the risk of these illnesses. Lack of exercise can bring out some unfavorable traits in German Shepherds. They express boredom by barking consistently and chewing. Regular grooming and visits to the vet are essential in ensuring your companion stays happy and healthy.

      4.German Shepherds Can Effortlessly Adapt to Different Environments

Some dogs don’t adapt well to geographical changes. Most of them lose their lives if they move from one place to another. Most dog caregivers adjust their days according to their dogs. Things are different for GSDs. German Shepherds can easily fit in any standard of living and can suit themselves easily to your living conditions.

      5.German Shepherds Hold an Aloof Look That Scares Away Intruders

A standard German Shepherd 26 inches tall at the shoulder. Their free and easy trot pace can change to reach higher speeds.  They also have a particular aloofness that does not give them out as friends.  A stranger can easily confuse this standoffishness with animosity. This serves as an advantage to keeping intruders away from your home and strangers away from your kids.  

German Shepherds’ attributes make them stand out from other dog breeders. If you are looking for the best family protection dogs and a great companion, call VON WA-BO German Shepherds on (949) 463-8821. Our company deals with all types of German Shepherds; German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd trained young adults.

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