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The comparing and contrasting of different elements of the emails can be done by the email tester to see how the impact falls on the subscribers and the way they react to it. the email tester can provide you with a lot of actionable insights which may or may not affect your performance.

Below are the elements which we shall undergo to understand better about the email tester and also know about various factors with a better view point. Let us go step-by-step from the starting pointing to the end.

  • Subject Body

The most commonly tested factor among all by email tester is the subject line/ subject body. Below are few things that you can be tested with the help of the email tester.

  • Length of the subject line- enables the test to know the length of the subject line whether long or short.
  • The topic- the consideration to check different subject lines only to find out the content that might interest the customer can be done by email tester.
  • Personal touch – add your modification to identical subject lines

  • Pre header

It acts as the wingman to the subject line and is the first line in your email. It presents a complete picture to the customer about the email and what it wants to convey to them through the preheader.

  • Day or time

It is always a question among the folks about the right time to send the email. And the answer is very simple, it varies from one to another. Every business and every email written is different and for different purposes. One cannot expect everything to fit along with one. You can use the email tester to try the different time zones or even days for checking purposes. You can check what occurs when emails are sent differently. 

It is an amazing factor to test the day and time for the emails to find out what works for you.

  • Call for an action

Is your action call getting the same action that you wished for or you deserved for? The email tester allows you for some of the interesting action calls such as below.

  • Copy
  • Color

  • Content

It is no doubt that the contents are always the king. And nothing can overrule content. But when it comes to the email, we are dicey about the content that has to be inculcated in it

Below are the few things that an email tester can find in your content.

  • The length –the size of the content like lengthy or short

What would you prefer, a wordy content or a short one? You must know the preferences of your audiences, so that you do not overload them with wordy content nor leave them unsatisfied with short content.

  • Be Specific or be general 

You may check the content that is made different for different people. You must provide what they want with the help of an email tester. You may have a balanced check for the specific content or for the general content to know what can be uplifted.

  • Usage of positive or negative language

The incorporation of positive wordings always helps the email to get through. Positivity attracts more engagement than one with any other content. With the help of an email tester, you can test whether positive or negative language works for the people.

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