CIGA Design Watch Size Guide: Which Size Watch Is Best For You?

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Choosing the perfect wristwatch size for your wrist can be incredibly difficult as there is a wide range of different styles, shapes, and sizes of men’s watches on the market today. However, with some helpful tips and advice from the industry’s leader in stylish, high quality men’s timepieces, you will be able to select the perfect watch for your needs.

How Are Watch Cases Measured And Sized?

Modern wristwatch cases are measured in millimeters using a measuring device called a caliper. While the most common shape for a men’s watch case is round, and it is sized by measuring the diameter across the case, there are many other shapes to choose from.

Case Shapes

We can take three different watches, all with the same size case, and each will ‘wear’ differently due to the geometry or design elements of the watches. This can include factors such as bezel thickness or dial size. In fact, when compared to a round case, a watch with a square case watch has more area on the dial because of its geometry. A wristwatch with a thicker bezel and/or smaller dial, could have the same case size as a watch with a round case. However, because of the smaller dial size, it will ‘wear’ smaller.

In fact, just about every design element on a watch can affect the way the size of the case is perceived. This includes the size and thickness of the hands, the crown, the type of hour markers, the lugs, the pushers, and more.

Case Thickness

The thickness of a watch case, regardless of its shape, is measured from the top center of the watch’s crystal to the middle of the case back. Some men’s designer watches might have ultra-thin cases, while others will have a much bulkier case thickness. Likewise, the more complications a watch has, the thicker the case will get to accommodate the additional components.

Straps & Bracelets

There are many other factors that can affect the way we experience the size of the watch. From the type of strap or metal band, the width of the strap, the same tone stitching or contrasting tone stitchwork, and metal bracelets or a leather or fabric (NATO) strap.

The length of the strap or bracelet is also an important part of a watch’s sizing. Smaller watches of up to 36mm usually look proportional on a 6” wrist or less, mid-sized watches 38mm to 42mm will look proportional on a 6” to 7” wrist, and larger watches of 44mm to 46mm will look proportional on a 7” to 8” wrist.

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