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Many movies were directed by KodiRamakrishna.He dominated the Telugu movie scene from 1980 up to 2019 when he passed on. He also directed Hindi films and Malayalam.He was a writer and actor as well.

Some of the Telugu movies that he has directed include.

  • Stationmaster in 1988
  • MuddullaMavayya in 1989
  • Dongota in 1997
  • VeediloKrishnayya
  • Tarangini 1982
  • Rangulapuli 1983

The above are just a few of his many works. In total,Kodi directed over 100 Telugu movies. He has also worked in films that address social problems. Some of those movies include: Sathruvu produced in 1991 and Ankusham in 1989.He has also directed spy movies and supernatural films.

His contribution to Telugu movies has been immense. He has therefore won many awards for his work. Some of the awards he has won are the state award and the Nandi award.

Some Telugu movies that Kodi directed were set in rural areas. Most of the movies were the best sellers. For example, the Arundhati and Anji become the most sold movies in the year they were produced.

Telugu movies watch online that was directed by Kodiare as highlighted below.


Devi is a Telugu fantasy and drama movie that was released in 1999. It was produced by Raju. The movie is 3 hours long, and the Music was by Devi Prasad. The movie is about Devi who is a snake goddess. Devi lives on earth so that he can protect a young girl . The young girl’s father had passed on in an attempt to protect her from a dangerous demon and selfish relatives. The goddess finds herself in love with a human being.

At this point, she does not know what the future holds for her.


This is another great Telugu movie directed by KodiRamakrishna.It also falls under the fantasy and drama category.It was released in June 2000 and is 2 hrs 42 minutes long movie. The music was composed by Mani Sharma, and the leading roles were played by Venkatesh, AnjalaZareri and Soundarya.

The movie is about an atheist archaeologist who takes a big metal box from the sea. The box is extraordinary since it has powers. It also has many marks around it. Evil people are after the box and do everything within their powers to harm the archaeologists.


New Telugu movies watch online is Shatruvu. The movie was released in 1991. The movie is 2 hrs, 20 minutes long. It is an amazing crime thriller. Kota Srinivasa, Vijayashanti and Venkatesh take the leading roles in the movie.

The Telugu movie is about a corrupt contractor who grabs land for his own personal development. A young advocate takes up the case to defend the people. He gathers evidence about the corrupt nature of the contractor. In a bid to protect his position, the contractor does whatever it takes to ensure he is not exposed. Getting justice proves a difficult task due to the many challenges he encounters.

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