Things to Consider While Opting for a Cloud Hosting Plan & Platform

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Cloud computing is emerging these days. A growing count of businesses and other large-scale established companies are switching to cloud hosting India. There are an ample number of benefits behind this switching and a major one is the departure of all hardware problems and storage space. It is effective, efficient, and too quick to store data on a cloud with an obvious advantage of simple accessibility.

Choosing the right type of cloud hosting platform is too crucial and the data is relying on it. Thus, how can we do it? Here, we have the top-rated reasons that you need to keep an account while picking a cloud hosting India and another platform.

Security & Infrastructure design

Nobody can ever find that the security is a bit overrated. But when it comes to choosing a hosting service, you ought to consider the various parameters such as infrastructure as well as security that the hosting provider is proffering. Broadly, there are three main aspects that we need to contemplate such as High-Performance Computing,setting up of Data Center, and Multi-layer Security Centers for Data that are the backbones of such services.

Being a provider with various data centers indicate that in any event of such a disaster, you can avail all sort of services from the data centers that are situated elsewhere.

HPC (High-Performance Computing) makes sure that heavy apps and various users can work on a similar server at the moment with no performances getting affected by the same. Choosing a hosting provider such as HostingRaja that provides HPC servers deployed in the architecture of the cloud will guarantee that you tackle any glitches in the performance.

It would be highly recommended to make some exceptions with the security when there is a huge count of data included. Ensure to keep a check if the hosting company has some security measures such as data encryption, Prevention Systems,multi-factor authentication,intrusion detection,firewalls, and access control on the system.


Technology can also be deceptive. Thus, having a proper backup facility is essential.You ought to know how the entire backup process works and how often the backup is processed each day beforefinalizinga cloud hosting provider. The data amount that is backed up &what is the restoration procedure for the data looks like ought to be considered.


Customer support is vital to sort out all problems and queries that you and some other users of the cloud services are tackling from time to time. Relying on the provider that you select and the plan you go for, the customer support may vary during some specific hours of the day or be restricted to the instances that can easily be raised within that period. The support proffered on phone, email, or chat.

Therefore, we need to pay close attention to all plans that we are picking up. If you have various users of the cloud hosting service and there is a large dependency of the business, then it would be too better to select a hosting company that offers proper support for day and night.

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Continuity of business and recovery of disaster

It can not be certain to predict disasters and other major events. In such events,how capable the cloud platform is to reinstate service after such adisruption is what business continuity and management of disaster is all about. It is too unpredictable but we can handle the same and it can be done easily. Data needs to be safeguarded to ignore all risks of putting the business into such jeopardy.

Service Level Agreement

SLA defines a document that comprisesthe service standards, terms & conditions, and others. If you are choosing a generic package, then you can acquire a standard SLA that is agreed upon between the client and the cloud hosting provider. In such a case, you have a personalized plan as requested, you will have to go for preparation of an exclusive SLA that contains all terms of use in the agreement.

The document requires to be read carefully as it will showcase all services that are entitled to get as well as the liability of the company in case of anysuch failure to offer the aforementioned services.

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