The basic components of pure sine wave inverter

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Before you get your hand on a new inverter there are a few things that you should be aware of like an inverter converts the DC power to AC. Thus, before you install such inverter at your home or office, all the appliances and entire circuit should support it. However, you can consider the pure sine wave inverter, charger and its components as they are considered as the best in the market. You can either buy them online or check at your nearest electric store.   

12000W 48Vdc Split phase pure sine wave inverter charger

External Components:

The external components of the inverter are case of the inverted, everything that is fixed or attached on it externally. So, you need to check all the external components like inverter charger, switch, battery indicator, input plug and output socket, etc. These components may increase in a high quality inverter because you can get more external components on it according to its key features. You can ask your retailer about the functioning of all the external equipments so that if there is any minor issue then you can fix it yourself, in future.

Internal Components:

The internal components are even more important to be checked before buying an inverter. The first and most basic component is microcontroller. It is most important because it controls the electric signals when they switching. Next important component is fuse of the inverter which is to protect the inverter from excessive power i.e. if the power supply exceeds the required limit then fuse will cut out the supply and you might have to change the fuse in that case. Similarly, transformer is also one of the main components because it is a circuit design it is helpful in stepping up and stepping down the power supply. Other main components are MOSFE, heat sink, BJT, etc. Having an understanding is better to make the best purchase.


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