How to Find the Perfect Flower Girl Dress

Published On April 24, 2019 | By admin | Fashion

Ensuring that your flower girl looks cute and adorable as she makes her way down the aisle is an important part of making your big day as special as possible. With so many flower girl dresses on the market, though, it can sometimes be challenging to find the perfect one. In this guide, we’ll outline a few tips that you can use to select the perfect flower girl dress for your wedding.

White is Not a Requirement 

Flower girl dresses are traditionally white, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this single color. You can choose a flower girl dress that matches your wedding’s colors, one that matches your weddings theme, a traditional white flower girl dress, or anything in-between. The only real limits are your personal preferences and your imagination.

Choose the Right Length

If your flower girl is a little older, you may want to go with a longer dress. For younger flower girls, though, it’s better to go with a short frock. Young children have a tendency to trip over long dresses. If you go with a shorter dress, though, you can prevent this from happening.

Opt for Wrinkle-Free Fabric

It’s difficult to keep young children from wrinkling their clothes, but if you choose a fabric for your flower girl dress that is mostly wrinkle-free or a fabric that hides wrinkles well you can help ensure that your flower girl’s dress is smooth and pristine when her time in the spotlight comes.

Let Your Flower Girl Help You Pick out the Dress 

Keeping your flower girl excited and entertained about the big event is an important consideration since you want her to be as cheerful as possible as she walks down the aisle. One great way to make sure that your flower girl is excited about being a part of your wedding is to let her help you pick out the dress. Of course, it’s perfectly okay to ultimately make the decision yourself – simply including your flower girl in the process of picking out her dress will go a long way toward boosting her enthusiasm. As an added bonus, your flower girl’s input may actually turn out to be useful.


Choosing the right flower girl dress is just one of the many important decisions that you will have to make leading up to your big day. By following the tips outlined above, though, you should have no trouble finding and ordering a flower girl dress that both you and your flower girl will love.

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