How to Choose the Best Leather Portfolio for Office Needs

Published On September 25, 2019 | By admin | Business

A leather portfolio is a must-have for those working in offices. A portfolio gives you a professional look and helps you to stay organized. More importantly, it will help to keep the entire work essentials safe.

Leather portfolios are most common, thanks to their rugged durability and premium look. But, the sheer variety and types of leather portfolios can spin your head to confusion. To help you choose the best-embossed leather portfolio, we’ve created a massive guide that lists what to look out for.

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Quality Craftsmanship

When you go for any leather product, regardless of what it is, you expect it to last long and even age with grace. Longevity and durability are one of the key aspects you should look when purchasing a leather portfolio. Ideally, a quality leather portfolio will include quality stitching and a durable design that won’t beak or stain easily.

Designed for Simple Organization

The perfect embossed leather portfolio should have a simple and intuitive design. It should allow you to access what you’ve stored in a moment’s notice. Also, it should keep the contents in a simple outlay that allows for quick retrieval. So, whether it’s a chart, letters, invoices, or balance sheets, the ideal leather portfolio should arrange them in a clean and tidy manner.

Storage Space

Though you want a leather portfolio that is built with simplicity from the ground up, you would also want to ensure you can fit everything inside without a struggle.

Depending on your office needs, you might need to fit in notepads, a few business cards or some sheets of loose paper. For others, they might require the leather portfolio to fit in their portable electronics such as smartphones or tablets. The bottom line is, you need to choose a leather portfolio that will fit all your essentials.

At the same time, however, you should also ensure that the portfolio can fit into your suitcase or bag for portability.

Safety: To Zipper or Not to Zipper

Safety for your documents is paramount. To zipper or not to zipper greatly affects your portfolio option, as well as how you’ll use them. If safety is a concern to you, the zippered option is suitable since it’ll protect your contents. While it’ll not deter thieves or so, you’ll never have to worry about your files slipping out onto the floor. The unzipped portfolios, on the other hand, offer convenience, by allowing you to easily access your notes and other supplies, without needing to unzip.

Professional, Yet Versatile Look

Your choice of leather portfolio says a lot about you. Picking a professional-looking leather portfolio, for instance, will not only give you an edge but show you as a professional and performance-oriented worker. So, when choosing an embossed leather portfolio, ensure you pick one that is professional, yet stylish.


Though the price is not a huge determining factor, you should pick a portfolio that is within your budget range.

More importantly, pick one that will address your office needs.


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