Grow Lights Are Great for Indoors and Winter

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You may have heard of recent talks about plant grow-lights, but do you know what they are? How do they work? Do you need them? What type should you get? Here is an assembled light guide on plant growth for you.

To understand a grow light, you need to remember that plants grow and stay healthy through photosynthesis, a fantastic chemical process. If plants have chlorophyll (the stuff that makes it green), a source of light, water, and nutrients, they grow healthy. Here is the challenge: indoors, especially in winter or in dark places of the house where light is not always sufficient.

Grow lights Use

People choose to supplement with a grow light, which imitates daylight, so plants have more time in the sun. The grow lights are useful for forcing seedlings, or at the hydroponics store for hydroponic crop production, and growing plants in the winter.

Types of Grow lights for sale

Any lamp can be used as a grow light, but like many halogen bulbs, incandescent lamps are too hot and unsafe. On the other hand, energy-saving lamps (CFLs) and LED bulbs can operate at low temperatures and provide a broad spectrum of light. And, more importantly, it gives more light and uses less energy.

Full-spectrum light bulb

You must pay attention to the frequency emitted by the lamp. Plants love lights on red and blue wavelengths. They don’t want red party bulbs, but they will like full-spectrum bulbs, which will help them grow and become denser. A full spectrum bulb is more expensive, but it’s worth it!


In both cases, unless the plant has special needs, the growth lights should be turned off for at least 8 hours at night. You can turn it off yourself, but most people use timers. The timer is very inexpensive, easy to program, and fully controllable.

Grow-light Kits

The Metal halide kits are the traditional grow light kits for indoor plants. These systems are user-friendly and are an excellent choice for those just starting to grow indoors. These fluorescent lighting kits typically have a mounting height of 24 inches above the plant but can be mounted if the plant is more heat sensitive.

At the vegetative stage, Metal halide systems are essential because they produce blue light, similar to spring light. High-pressure sodium (HPS) systems are suitable for flowering plants because red light from these bulbs is identical to summer.


Grow lights can be too strong for the plants, be sure to experiment with distancing. Please keep it away from flammable furniture and remember when watching movies, sleeping or entertaining guests, keep in mind that bright lights can be unpleasant.

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