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We live in a world where it keeps getting harder to do good. The littlest act of kindness is all the next person beside you needs to keep going.  People go about living life selfishly without regards to the next person or maybe they intend to do good but in the wrong way. This article will guide you on how to do good the right way.

  1. Take it one step at a time: sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the evil around us that we just want to plunge ourselves right out there and do something. But it shouldn’t be so. You can only do as much good as your limit allows you. Don’t go looking for big unrealistic feats to achieve or for things clearly beyond you, just take it one step at a time. You
  2. Start with your immediate environment: you won’t have to sign up in the army to be seen as doing good. Start with your immediate environment, do the smallest act like helping your neighbor to do groceries, talking someone’s dog for a walk, picking a colleague from work. Just take it little at a time. One good done to a person can motivate that person to do good to another and it keeps going.
  1. Don’t expect anything in return: our human mind is wired in such a way that we inadvertently expect some sort of gratification for good deeds done. Do good to people you know lack the capacity to repay you and even if they do don’t expect anything in return. There’s immense satisfaction that comes from selfless kindness.
  2. Always wear a smile; nobody wants to be around the fellow that frowns all the time. People will be more comfortable around you and to share their burdens with you if they perceive you to be a welcoming person. A sincere smile can brighten someone’s day more ways than you can imagine.
  3. Be yourself: you can’t really be good to others if you’re not true to yourself. Only in the place of self-realization can you genuinely offer help to someone. Don’t pretend, be yourself and do good in little way you can. It’s never about the quantity but the sincerity and impact that follows the good deeds.
  4. Don’t give up: sometimes our acts of kindness are met with hostility but that should not deter you. Always remember that you are not doing for that person but you’re doing it for yourself. It’s not about the 9 persons that will reject your act of kindness but that 1 person to whom it matters most. No matter the reaction, dust yourself up and continue your good works.

Doing good doesn’t have to cost you a thing, sometimes it’s that warm smile or gently pat on the back that makes the difference. Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all the way you can. Resolve to do good today

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