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Published On December 27, 2019 | By admin | Technology

Over recent years, Swedish tv has gained a lot of momentum and has become a popular trait in those accessing streaming content online. There are a vast number of iconic shows like Modus and The Bridge which pull viewers in to keep watching on a regular basis.

However, despite the number of people around the globe who want to watch the content being aired in Sweden, it is only the Swedish population who are truly getting the best out of the online shows.

As frustrating as it is, this is the case for many online streaming services. There is a way around the geolocks thanks to VPN services, but companies are fighting back. However, reputable VPN companies can still defeat the blocks.

Why can’t everyone access the content?

Trying to find vpn tunnel gratis is a great way to start finding a way around blocks put up by broadcasters, but why are they up in the first place?

Known as geoblocks, broadcasters apply particular coding which only allows specific IP addresses to gain access to the content in the region. Put simply, only Swedish addresses can watch the shows in Sweden. This can be frustrating for Swedish ex-pats or other viewers who happen to like the content being aired, but the geolocks put in place often correspond to copyright laws attached to the content in question.

The copyright laws behind geolocks can correspond to certain clauses in contracts which refer to advertisers wanting their content to only be seen by local audiences or even elements that tie into actors within the shows being aired.

Using a VPN

Working your way around a geolock can sound like an arduous task which puts you off the idea, but if you conduct your efforts through a VPN service there’s a good chance you can beat the lock with very little effort.

VPN service providers often have servers based around the globe. Having the servers placed in strategic places allows users to access content from anywhere in the world. As an example, if you want to watch Swedish TV abroad, se svensk tv utomlands, you can gain access to the content by joining up to a server-based in Sweden.

The way it works is that the server on Swedish soil has a collective of Swedish IP addresses to allocate to users. An IP address tells an external party where in the world you are trying to watch their content from. If you are based in the UK you will have a UK IP address that will show up when accessing the Swedish TV show. As you are not in the boundaries of Sweden you will be faced with an error message saying you are not allowed to watch the content. However, if you have a connection to the Internet through the server-based in Sweden, your new IP address will be Swedish and you will be granted access to the content.

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