Choosing the Best Hangers for your Wears

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Hanger matters, the wrong hanger will deform your jacket’s shoulders, and over time make it unbearable.

The right hanger allows air to circulate the clothing, eliminating wrinkles and keeping you looking sharp.

Clothes hangers should be a one-time investment, so here are the best tips to help you settle for the best hangers:

Hangers for Suits and Sport Coats

 The best choice for supporting the heft of a suit coat is a contoured, or wishbone hanger. This coat hanger (ที่ แขวน เสื้อ, which is the term in Thai) is usually thick and sturdy. The contours will correctly support the mould of the shoulders.

You should empty your pocket before hanging. Leaving some items like keys in a flap pocket can create an unappealing bulge. It is also advisable to inspect the jacket for stains before storing and brushing off any debris.

Hangers for Pants and Trousers

Some contour hangers consist of a thin metal rod and pincers. The best way to store your trousers if you have the closet space is by attaching the cuffs to these clips. Weight and gravity of the fabric will draw the pants taut and remove wrinkles

Fold trousers in half at the crease before hanging. This reinforces the permanent crease and reduces the chance of forming lines.

 Hangers for Button Down Shirts

A tubular plastic hanger works well for button down shirts.

Wire hangers are not as firm, and the thin metal rod can create odd shapes in the shoulders.

Fasten the first and third button to secure the shirt after ironing. This will keep the button down from falling off.

Hanging Neckties

Neckties have to be hung on a tie rack. Most tie racks are made of sturdy wires or wood.

Tie racks offer an efficient means of storage and display for all of your neckties.

Ensure that the surface does not allow the tie to fall off and has no rough edges that can snag the tie. And don’t forget to untie the knot before storing.

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