Can Cannabis Hemp Oil Effectively help with Chronic Neuropathic Pain?

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Neuropathy or nerve pain is a painful condition that affects the body’s nervous system generally emerging from damaged nerves. It may cause a shooting pain throughout the body or have symptoms such as burning and stinging in particular areas of the body like the arms and hands. Often neuropathic pain can be treated by different medications, however, due to its nature, being chronic, it may grow progressively worse over time. Products based on cannabis have been recommended for neuropathic pain with an added advantage of having relatively mild side effects.

Several types of research have shown that synthetic cannabis analogs and isolated compounds based medications tend to offer lower symptom relief. There are also a higher number of negative side effects when compared to a whole plant such as the Cannabis flower and plant-based extract.

The difference is that hemp plants contain numerous therapeutic constituents that contribute to the entourage effect.

Hemp Oil for Neuropathic Pain:

Hemp oil has been proven to be the best treatment for pain release, acute or chronic pain as well as short or long-term pain. The advantage hemp oil has to offer is effective relief and pain reduction with minimal side effects. The basic principle for hemp oil to work for treating and releasing pain is it contains cannabinoids that interact with the CB-1 receptors in the human body to help soothe down the hyperactive nerves as well as the immune systems.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Pain:

The benefits of cannabis hemp oil for pain relief are limitless –

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Boosts immunity
  • Stimulates brain function
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help to relieve and ease pain prompting better quality of sleep.
  • CBD can reduce the number of immune cells build up in the spinal column, which in turn decreases inflammation and pain.
  • It can also provide neuroprotective benefits to reduce inflammation in the brain.

When it comes to choosing the right hemp oil a few key points to look for should be based on the potency, full-spectrum CBD versus CBD isolate and level of quality. Always look for reputable CBD companies, that will back their products with a certificate of analysis (COA). With the emergence of many CBD companies, it is essential to choose a reliable one. Alpine Hemp strives to produce high-quality CBD products using the best CBD hemp oil and concentrates.

They strive to provide a wide range of products to make life easier – be it providing relief for pain, anxiety with holistic support. Alpine Hemp offers the best CBD products that are carefully tested to ensure that each product contains the best CBD oil and concentrates in addition to high-quality raw CBD ingredients.

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