Bottini Discusses Tax Credits You Can Get for Using Propane

Published On May 27, 2019 | By admin | Grants & Credits


When it comes to going “green” there is often a large cost associated with making the change. This is supposed to be offset by the money that you will be saved after the switch. Well, Bottini knows that there are other incentives to making the switch. You can receive a tax credit from the government for making the switch. This means that it will be a lot less money in the end for making the switch. If you have been looking for another reason to make the switch to propane, this just might send you over the edge.

Tax Credits

No matter what your reason for wanting to make the switch, propane is the way to go. Even if you don’t get the tax credits, you will still end up saving money. The switch will be an investment that you will reap the benefits from for a long time. So, let’s take a look at the tax credits that you can earn just by making the switch to a greener lifestyle.

  1. Alternative Fuel Tax Credit – This will be a tax credit that you can apply for to subsidize the cost of the alternative fuel. Granted, you will not be spending more for the propane than you would have if you were using electricity, but why not take advantage of it anyhow. You will receive up to a $0.50 reduction in cost for the fuel that will be returned with your income tax refund. Simply keep track of the amount of fuel that you used and submit this with your taxes.
  2. Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit – This is a reduction in the cost of how much it costs to install your equipment. Again, making the switch can be costly, but you can receive up to a 30 percent tax credit on up to $30,000 for installation of your unit. You might be thinking that you never intended on spending that much money, but rest assured that is on the bigger units. Generally, the home units are not that expensive.
  3. Energy Efficient New Homes Tax Credit – If you are considering a new home, then you need to know about this tax break. Essentially, the government will help pay for the options that most contractors make available for having propane attachments. You will be able to receive up to $2,000 just for making those attachments available on your home. The thought process behind this is, if you have the attachments, you will be more apt to use them. This will make your home less dependent on fossil fuels.


When you are looking for reasons to make the switch, know that Bottini has your back. When you are ready to make the switch and cash in on all the savings that you can receive, we will be there for you. Propane is a clean and efficient fuel that is having more and more uses as the years progress. Make sure that you are on the cutting edge and get the stuff before the cost goes up or it is required. Once it is required, the tax breaks will no longer exist.

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