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Obtaining an online degree in holistic nutrition potentially leads to a rewarding career. The University of Natural Health offers outstanding Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health programs that provide students with exceptional knowledge and education.

Graduates have the potential of establishing a successful practice and career using the holistic philosophy and practices taught through the online nutrition degree courses and programs.

Some prospective students likely have questions about holistic nutrition careers, and the benefits of obtaining an advanced nutrition degree, such as the Bachelor of Science in holistic nutrition, Master of Science in holistic nutrition, Doctor of Philosophy in holistic nutrition, or other options.

Why should I pursue an education in holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition courses and programs provide graduates with a strong understanding of the field, with an advanced education that possibly leads to a variety of exciting career options. The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) explains that holistic nutrition professionals approach nutrition based on a ‘whole person perspective,’ using nutrition education as a primary and valuable tool, and engaging individuals in a health recovery process leading to optimal health.

Holistic nutritionists help individuals achieve their optimal health through restoration and preservation of natural health, while achieving their own career goals, and personal goals for better health and a better life.

Are there benefits to the Acid Alkaline Balance?

The University of Natural Health provides courses and degree programs based on the Acid Alkaline Balance philosophy, and principles of the alkaline diet. These principles and philosophies help potentially achieve optimal body health, endurance, and strength.

U.S. News & World Report contributor Brendon Brazier reveals that the addition of alkaline-forming foods to your diet helps fight inflammation, protects bone health, helps fight free-radical damage, and supports healthy cell regeneration.

Students pursuing an online nutrition degree learn about these and other benefits through the Acid Alkaline Balance course programs, which are accredited holistic nutrition courses.

What is the job outlook for holistic nutritionists?

Many individuals likely seek ways to improve their diet and overall health, and reduce their risks of experiencing future health issues without confusing diets and programs that offer little long-term nutritional and lifestyle value. Holistic nutrition professionals with an advanced degree likely have the expertise necessary to help people realize the benefits of natural health, nutrition, and healing.

Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that a typical entry-level position in nutrition requires a bachelor’s degree. Salary likely depends on education, and experience, with a $59,410 median salary in 2017 listed for nutritionists and dietitians.

The BLS indicates that the field has an expected growth rate of 15 percent, or “Much faster than average.” Start your future today by enrolling in an online nutrition degree at the University of Natural Health.

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