A Burger is much more than just meat in a bun!

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Are you a restaurant owner looking for great food containers? Are you planning on expanding your menu and introducing takeaway dishes? Maybe you’d like to improve the quality and the plating of your meals? If you can answer “yes” to at least one of the questions, then this is definitely something for you!

It is about more than just what’s inside. 

A hamburger is a legendary dish. The crispy bun, the juicy meat patty, delicious ingredients, and sauces have been the subject of night dreams for many people. Well-done or rare, with or without bacon, chicken or vegan- the methods are plentiful, and everyone can find something they will love. We mustn’t forget the right packaging for it, not only for the takeaway option. The proper burger boxes are also crucial for the eat-in choice. When packaged correctly, the burger won’t fall apart and lose its structure. It is important to have a well-made burger. In places with limited access to restrooms where people can wash their hands, such as food trucks and smaller street stalls, the importance of the right packaging is even higher.

Package it, but do it professionally!

 A burger is one of the most popular fast food items in the world. If it is your specialty, your passion, and you do not consider it a mere piece of meat dipped in sauce and placed inside a bun, then you want to make it look as good as possible. If you appreciate the dish, then you will also appreciate wrapping it as an art form. The container for burgers is not only for decorative purposes. It has a role of thermal insulation that protects the consumer from getting burned when eating, holding, or carrying the meal. 

In the case of envelope-type or bag-type containers, simple burgers wrappers, the protection is small, but the consumption is easy and comfortable. This wrapping solution is useful for restaurants and catering service providers where the consumption takes place not too far from the place of the purchase.

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Cardboard burger containers and boxes are the better options when the order has to travel long distances. The packaging makes transport much more comfortable and keeps the food warm. It is also much more durable and keeps the food from getting deformed. The box will not pop open when not supposed to thanks to the specially-designed lid, and the burger will not fall out of the box. Regardless of the type of packaging you choose, it should be utilized correctly.  By printing photos of dishes or restaurant information on the packaging, you can ensure that your restaurant gets its deserved attention.

In the era of social media, the correct picture can be remembered by many people. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and show everyone that you have the best burger in town!

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